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Contracting Basics

Learn the Contract Management Basics

Not sure what is a SOW, SLA, an Adhesion contract and more? Learn the contract management basics here.

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5 Ways Contract Management Software can Benefit Legal Teams

Contract management software provides better workflows, automation, enhanced reporting, and improved collaboration, – freeing up your legal team to focus on high-value activities.

Business Benefits of Contract Management Software Solutions

The advantages of having a contract management system are clear. CLM solutions help companies standardize their contracting processes, eliminate manual tasks, automate workflows, simplify customization, and measure and monitor success.

3 Practical Ways to Improve Your Contract Management Process

An effective contract management system requires implementing best practices at all levels of an enterprise and ensuring that the contract management process is repeatable and consistently applied.

Contract Management Solutions: How to Deliver Total Enterprise-wide Value

Transformational contract management solutions help to reduce risk, increase speed and agility, and add value around a range of different business functions.

What is a Wet Signature and Why should you Care?

What’s a wet signature & how is it different from an electronic signature or digital signature? Contract lifecycle management (CLM) plus e-signatures equal business value.