Ex-Oracle CFO on the strategic imperative of an Enterprise Contract Management System

With the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform, leading technology companies can empower sales reps and deal desks to complete contract tasks on their own for faster time-to-value and gain better enterprise-wide visibility into performance.

Common challenges.

Today’s technology companies compete in high-growth, high-volume marketplaces, meaning sales teams need to be able to quickly close deals and seamlessly capture all of the agreed-upon terms in a contract. ​

If left unaddressed, these challenges have the potential to lead to lost deals, missed delivery deadlines and general commercial underperformance.

In working with some of the world’s largest tech companies, Icertis has identified a number of common contracting challenges:

  • A lack of contracting self-service capabilities, including a lack of access to contract management functionality from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, makes it difficult for sales teams to keep up with a high volume of transactions, impeding adoption and slowing time-to-revenue​
  • Disconnected Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), CRM and Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) systems cause leakage and inefficiencies
  • Bundles of related contracts—e.g. Master Service Agreements (MSAs), Statements-of-Work (SOWs), Order Forms and Product Addendums—must be created separately and manually compiled to close a single deal
  • Poor post-execution visibility into contracts makes it difficult to track obligations, commitments and deliverables​

The Icertis solution.

Icertis has implemented Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions for some of the world’s largest technology companies, leveraging the ICI platform with our powerful suite of applications. ​

While the ICI solution is ultimately configured for each customer, our CLM for technology capabilities include:​

that allow sales teams and deal desks to author and redline contracts within the parameters set by finance and legal, including fallbacks

with CRM/CPQ to support one-click contracting, two-way sync and split processing

encourages adoption in the field and by sales ops

Smart, rule-based agreement relationship modeling to automate contract bundling

Full obligation, commitment and deliverable tracking

Enterprise-wide functionality to allow sales teams to flow directly to procurement to ensure on-time product delivery

Icertis’ technology solutions offer unmatched benefits across the entire enterprise. We handle all contract types, have integration adapters for other enterprise systems, and can ensure that companies continue to maximize the value of their contracts long after each one is signed.​

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