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Why should CLM matter to your organization?

Because it combines digital transformation, vital data insights, and risk management capabilities, contract lifecycle management (CLM) is poised to become the next big software category for growing tech companies. This eBook provides six critical insights to understanding how CLM delivers value to today’s tech companies to jumpstart your journey to realizing business excellence through contract intelligence.

Six quick insights on the high-impact value of contract lifecycle management for the tech industry.

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A contract intelligence solution sized to fit the needs of hyper-growth companies looking to take a crawl, walk, run approach to digital contracting.

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Contract Intelligence Tailored to
Technology Companies

Contract intelligence enables you to unlock the data and information in all your contracts to make better-informed decisions, build stronger business relationships, and adapt quickly to fluctuating market conditions.

Icertis Contract Intelligence Tailored to Technology Companies

Icertis Contract Intelligence for Technology is the only solution built specifically for this industry, making it easy to aggregate and analyze information in contracts across your organization to increase business agility, visibility, and velocity. The Icertis platform addresses key challenges across the contract lifecycle by empowering sales teams to complete everyday contract tasks on their own to accelerate the contracting process and close deals faster. With contract workflows that are seamlessly integrated with industry-standard CRM, CPQ, and billing systems, Icertis helps you move quickly to manage performance and risk as well as grow revenue.

Icertis Contract Intelligence for Technology delivers material value in compressed timing with out-of-the-box:

  • Contract Types
  • Rules
  • Associations
  • Workflows
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • AI models
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A Solution Built Specifically
for Technology

Icertis Contract Intelligence for Technology is the only contract lifecycle management solution tailored to companies across the industry:

  • Cloud Services
  • Information Technology
  • Software & Platforms
  • Semiconductors
  • Telecommunications
  • OEM
  • And More

Icertis has applied its deep experience with customers across the technology industry to develop a solution that speeds the benefits of contract lifecycle management while leveraging best practices and industry intelligence.

Learn more about contract digitization and contract lifecycle management for the technology industry.

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Introducing Icertis Contract Intelligence for
Technology Businesses

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The Icertis Advantage

Close Deals Faster

Empower your sales team to onboard new customers in days, not weeks, with self-service agreements and automated workflows that streamline the contracting process and accelerate approvals.

  • Business, partner, and customer agreements
  • Click-to-accept NDAs
  • Integrations with enterprise systems
  • AI-powered negotiation
Close Deals Faster with Contract Management for Technology

Protect Profit Margins

Guard against lost revenue and lower profit margins by identifying contractual risks and opportunities proactively, managing contracts intelligently, and building agility into your processes.

  • Increase revenue
  • Apply prebuilt incentive models across product mix
  • Gain visibility into customer performance metrics
  • Enforce pricing terms

Automate Compliance and Risk Management

Ensure your business partners stay on track and meet the terms of their agreements with robust dashboards that give you real-time visibility into key performance metrics.

  • Integrate with third-party risk assessment systems
  • Ensure consistency across global contracts
  • Dynamically include exhibits
  • Track business performance
  • Streamline changes to contracts
Automate Risk Management with Contract Management for Technology
Gain 360 Degree Visibility with Contract Management for Technology

Gain 360° Visibility

Overcome the complexity of the technology partner ecosystem with holistic visibility into partner, reseller, and distributor relationships and contract agreements.

  • Gain insights with easy-to-use dashboards
  • View relationships with prebuilt smart links
  • Manage related transactions
  • Define references across related contracts

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Integrate Seamlessly with Enterprise Technology

Icertis Contract Intelligence for Technology integrates seamlessly with business, sales, marketing and transactional software from the world’s leading vendors, giving you better visibility into—and control of—contract data and information, wherever it resides.

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Companies Trust Icertis for Contract Intelligence Solutions

Companies are rethinking how they leverage the contracts that define their relationships with customers and partners. Learn how several companies structured, connected, and capitalized on critical contract information to accelerate commercial negotiations, increase compliance, and reduce stakeholder risk.

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