Raise decision-making agility, resilience, and strengthen citizens’ trust in government by demonstrating top-to-bottom transparency, compliance control, and financial stewardship of the Source-to-Contract framework.


As governments modernize infrastructure and support a changing workforce, the challenges of optimizing complex vendor onboarding and compliance workflows in the Source-to-Contract framework loom large in service to taxpayer communities.

Vendor Onboarding & Diversity Compliance

Build Trust & Prove Value to Residents

Resilient, Adaptive Post-Pandemic Strategy

Governance of SLAs & Performance Tracking

The Icertis Solution

The Icertis platform makes it easier for contracting and procurement teams to negotiate better deals, automate manual processes, and ensure vendor compliance.

Leverage AI-powered insights to negotiate the best possible terms and outcomes, apply best practices, and reduce time spent manually authoring and reviewing contracts

Decrease time to value and maximize user adoption with a highly extensible platform that can be easily tailored to agency specific needs

Ensure the proper use of agency and statewide contracts by managing their full lifecycle, automating workflows, and providing top-to-bottom visibility into spend

Automated controls, powered by machine learning, to fully comply with State & Local regulations and Agency supplements

Recognized as the Clear Leader in CLM

Fast, efficient, and cost-effective acquisitions

Vendor Onboarding & Compliance

Reduce onboarding and compliance burden through self service & automated tracking
Manage diversity spend compliance and remain compliant with diversity spend goals
Configure qualification notifications on key dates and documents to ensure compliance

Solicitation Management

Maximize efficiency without risk with standard solicitation templates and content libraries
Negotiate effective pricing, collaborate in real time, and shortlist best vendors with multi-round events
Achieve quick results whether tackling high-priority statewide initiatives or competitive sealed bids

Contract Intelligence

Increase control and reduce risk of non-compliance with integrated contract management
Risk-based clause management with automated escalation and event triggered notifications
Improved access to statewide contracts to gain greater efficiencies and insight

AI-Power Contracting

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