Focus on what matters most, spend less time on contract management​

Streamline contracting and improve visibility by digitizing contracts, automating workflows, and leveraging industry-specific AI. Remove bottlenecks, isolate risk, decrease administrative legwork, and link performance measures to ensure the full intent and value of agreements are realized so providers can focus on delivering quality patient care.

Explore how contract intelligence can help healthcare providers be more resilient, agile, and competitive.

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Contract Intelligence Tailored
to Healthcare Providers

Achieve confident coverage across services, fee/rate schedules, compliance, risk, and performance in complex agreements such as payer, supplier, and contracted services. Support quality patient access and care through increased contract visibility, agility, and proactive management.​


Icertis Contract Intelligence for Healthcare Providers is the only contract lifecycle management system that digitizes contracts, automates workflows, and comes with an AI model built for the provider experience. When negotiating payer agreements, providers get a holistic view of the requirements, covered services, fee schedules, obligations, and risks across all managed care and network contracts to accelerate the process and create visibility for post-execution management. After the contract is signed, workflow-enabled fulfilment tracking and audit alerting provides a level of confidence that an organization is covered from a compliance and risk perspective.​

Icertis contract Intelligence for Healthcare providers delivers material value quickly with out-of-the-box:

  • Contract Types
  • Rules
  • Associations
  • Workflows
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • AI models
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A Solution Built Specifically
for Healthcare Providers

Icertis Contract Intelligence for Healthcare Providers is the only contract lifecycle management solution tailored to address all provider agreements including:​

  • Payer​
  • Supplier​
  • Contracted Services

Icertis has applied its deep experience with customers across the healthcare industry to develop a solution that accelerates the benefits of contract intelligence while leveraging best practices and industry intelligence.​

Learn more about contract digitization and contract lifecycle management for Healthcare Providers

Why Contracts Are Critical to Streamlining Payer/Provider Collaboration

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Introducing Icertis Contract Intelligence for Healthcare

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The Icertis Advantage

Streamline Payer Agreements

  • Payment model type attribution and analysis of forecasted impact on reimbursement, operations, and performance
  • Complete fee schedule library with service, codes, and % payment structure
  • AI automatically reveals deviations from standard clause language and obligations
  • Holistic view of obligation and risk management across all managed care and network contracts

Compliance Management for Payer Agreements

  • Digitized workflows to ensure obligations are  tracked, with fulfillment status for full audit traceability
  • Policies and procedures documentation upload and associated for requirements attestation and library creation
  • AI enabled auto-discovery of policies and procedures from library and association to new contract
  • Bulk policy and procedure update across all associated agreements

Holistic View of Supplier Delivery

  • Full product line list with group, name, SKU, amount, and price for ease of reporting and comparison across all supplier agreements
  • Eliminate need for manual accuracy checks across disparate systems with impactful integrations with ERP and AP systems
  • Drastically reduce administrative cross-checks with comprehensive searchable version history, amendments, and associated documentation
  • Establish KPIs, penalties, review period, and status for full spectrum assessment of vendor performance

Continuous Monitoring of Contracted Services

  • Eliminate guesswork and duplication by consolidating contracts into a single source of truth
  • Ensure dedicated back-end vigilance through risk scoring, performance management, tracking of obligations, and deliverables met across all service types for compliance and value
  • Objective visibility of adherence to terms of service, including service disruptions, related service/contract benchmarking, and unmet value
  • Unlock timely insights to level up decision-making agility and problem resolution through smart attribution and advanced analytics

360° Monitoring with Interactive Analytics Dashboard

  • 360° monitoring across payer, supplier, and contracted services agreements​
  • Eliminate manual accuracy checks as dashboard integrates with key business systems ​
  • Visibility of performing vs non-performing agreements to take early, corrective action​
  • Review overall contract performance in time to renew or terminate agreements

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Integrate Seamlessly with Enterprise Technology

Icertis Contract Intelligence for Healthcare Provider integrates seamlessly with business, sales, marketing, and transactional software from the world’s leading vendors, giving you better visibility into—and control of—contract data and information, wherever it resides.

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Companies Trust Icertis for Contract Intelligence Solutions

Companies are rethinking how they leverage the contracts that define their relationships with suppliers and customers. These companies structure, connect, and capitalize on critical contract information to accelerate commercial negotiations, increase compliance, and reduce stakeholder risk with Icertis Contract Intelligence.

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