Common challenges.

Today’s federal agencies face complex acquisitions, an ever-evolving federal landscape, and increased pressure to accelerate IT modernization efforts. In order to effectively shift the focus to true contract intelligence and outcome-based procurement; agencies need to automate repetitive administrative tasks, streamline contract writing, and automate currently manual reporting requirements.

Common federal acquisition challenges include:

Operational Inefficiencies

Slow contract turnaround time due to paper-based, manual processes combined with outdated legacy systems resulting in an increase in overall procurement lead time (PALT).

Compliance Management
Lack of consistent acquisition practices, methods and predictable outcomes to provide full transparency into contract obligations, performance and compliance.

Poor Extensibility

Outdated legacy systems requiring costly customization to support business process changes, new requirements and legislative or regulatory changes.

Performance Monitoring

Lack of integrated performance management to track and evaluate contractor performance after a contract is awarded to ensure programs meet or beat delivery schedules.

Limited Interoperability

Siloed applications with limited integration capabilities requiring additional development or manual data normalization to provide a full reporting data set across the acquisition process.

Lack of Decision Support

Limited real-time acquisition intelligence with multiple data sources resulting in fragmented spend visibility and operational reporting across sub-agencies and departments.

The Icertis solution.

ICI for Federal eliminates data redundancies, increases cost savings, and delivers more value via a frictionless acquisition process.
Our platform enables federal government agencies to effectively manage the acquisition lifecycle end-to-end

Efficiently manage the complete acquisition lifecycle using AI to streamline contract set up, reduce cycle times, increase negotiation effectiveness, and manage contracts at scale.

Automate the application of mandatory FAR/DFARS clauses and accelerate review time with intelligent comparisons for identifying redlines and deviations.

Support multiorganizational hierarchies of any complexity from the agency to the sub-agency department levels with role-based access.

Proactively identify, assess, and manage all contract risks and fulfill contractual obligations based on predictive compliance insights.

Easily integrate with the systems that power your teams-, ERP systems, electronic signature tools, and identity management applications

Improve visibility, reduce contract cycle times, improve acquisition outcomes, and more efficiently respond to data calls with advanced AI analytics.

Integration, security, and compliance

Fast, efficient, and cost-effective acquisitions

Lower Cost of Acquisition

Streamline and standardize solicitation, contracting, and reporting to drive down the cost per acquisition.

Reduced Contract Turnaround Times

Gain a 360-degree view of dependencies, risks, and deliverables from a centralized repository to reduce contract turnaround times.

Out-Of-The-Box Compliance

Automate electronic contract file creation with integrated FAR/DFARS compliance

Seamless Collaboration

Collaborate effectively with internal stakeholders and the vendor community, ensuring agile acquisition management.

Experience the power of Icertis contract intelligence for federal

Real-time intelligence to improve acquisition decision-making and automate contract writing guidance.

Fully comply with FAR/DFARS, agency supplements, and regulations with AI-powered insights and automated controls.

Decrease time to value and maximize user adoption with a highly extensible platform that can be easily tailored to agency-specific needs.

Proven security, reliability and scalability of a mission-critical cloud platform for US government agencies and their partners.

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