Onboard new customers quickly
and increase sales revenue

Close deals faster and limit risk by enabling sales teams to self-serve with financial confidence. Icertis Contract Intelligence for Distribution ensures distribution and incentive agreements align with corporate targets prior to signature and then compares with actuals for automated settlements—including rebates and incentives—and ROI tracking with claw-back recovery.

Discover how contract lifecycle management empowers distributors and drives speed, compliance, and performance across the enterprise.

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Contract Intelligence Tailored to

Distributors have historically thin margins and aggressive competitors looking to steal business. Bringing on new customers quickly, while also ensuring profitability, is key for long-term success.

Icertis Contract Intelligence for Distribution is the only solution built specifically for this industry, making it easy to aggregate and analyze information in contracts across your organization to increase business agility, visibility, and velocity. The Icertis platform addresses key challenges across the contract lifecycle by integrating with key business systems including CRM and ERP at just the right time. From verifying creditworthiness before the contract is signed to ensuring product and incentives are optimized, Icertis helps you move more quickly to optimize revenue while providing guardrails to protect business margins.

Icertis Contract Intelligence for Distribution delivers material value in compressed timing with out-of-the-box:

  • Contract Types
  • Rules
  • Associations
  • Workflows
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • AI models
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A Solution Built Specifically
for Distribution

Icertis Contract Intelligence for Distribution is the only contract lifecycle management solution tailored to companies across the industry:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Packaging
  • Home
  • Apparel
  • And more

Icertis has applied its deep experience with customers across the distribution industries to develop a solution that speeds the benefits of contract lifecycle management while leveraging best practices and industry intelligence.

Learn more about contract digitization and contract lifecycle management for distributors across industries.

Best Practices in Contract Intelligence among Distributors, Consumer
Goods & Retail

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Inflation plus resignations make for contract chaos in
retail, consumer goods and distribution

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Discover how Icertis Contract Intelligence can revolutionize your distribution business.

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The Icertis Advantage

Optimize Pre-Contract Negotiations

Ensure the activity that precedes contract signing—including information gathering, negotiations, and due diligence—reduces default risk, customer onboarding friction, and poor contract profitability terms.

  • Automated customer credit checks
  • Templates and workflows to streamline complex deals
  • Control the product mix based on sales hierarchy
Pre-Contract Optimization with Contract Management for CPG and Distribution
Close Deals Faster Pre-Contract Optimization with Contract Management for CPG and Distribution

Close Deals Faster with Financial Guardrails

Empower your sales team to onboard new customers in minutes with templates and automated workflows—eliminating the need for Finance and Legal approvals on standard agreements and streamlining the process for more complex deals.

  • Master agreements
  • Standard agreements
  • Group purchasing organization agreements

Protect Margins and Maximize Profits

Connect your predetermined profitability model and calculations to the contracting process. With integrations to CRM and CPQ systems, determine the best deal based on product mix and market locations.

  • Automate rebate and incentive settlements
  • Avoid double-dipping due to multiple incentives to the same customer
  • Enforce pricing terms and rates based on actual achievement
  • Highlight exceptions and non-performing deals early
Protect Margins Pre-Contract Optimization with Contract Management for CPG and Distribution
Monitor 360 Degree Performance Pre-Contract Optimization with Contract Management for CPG and Distribution

Monitor 360° Performance

Ensure your business stays on track with visual, interactive dashboards including Risk, Sales, Product, and Incentive and Rebates, that give you real-time visibility into key aspects of performance.

  • Monitor commitment versus actuals with integrations with CRM, ERP, and POS systems
  • Gain visibility into performing versus non-performing markets to take early, corrective action
  • Review ROI in time to renew or terminate agreements with automated claw-back recovery

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Integrate Seamlessly with Enterprise Technology

Icertis Contract Intelligence for Distribution integrates seamlessly with business, sales, marketing, and transactional software from the world’s leading vendors, giving you better visibility into—and control of—contract data and information, wherever it resides.

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Companies Trust Icertis for Contract Intelligence Solutions

Companies are rethinking how they leverage the contracts that define their relationships with suppliers and customers. The top four food distributors representing over 90% of North American market share use Icertis Contract Intelligence to support their business processes.

Learn how several companies structured, connected, and capitalized on critical contract information to accelerate commercial negotiations, increase compliance, and reduce stakeholder risk.

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