Standardized language reduces business risk. Automation of contract authoring with templates and clauses improves consistency and governance and enables more efficient self-service authoring.

Clause Comparison ICI

Clause Management

Drive standardization across all your contracts to reduce risk. The Icertis platform has robust clause management with system-driven usage of approved language from the clause library. The library helps with managing fallbacks and dependents, requiring mandatory language for certain contracts, tracking deviations, organizing clause approval workflows and managing different versions of contracts. The platform tracks all clause usage in templates and agreements to provide deeper insights.

Template Management

Accelerate contract creation with template selection rules and the Icertis platform’s comprehensive template lifecycle management capabilities. The Icertis Word Add-in enables template authoring in Microsoft Word with the ability to pull library clauses into the document, enter custom text, tag metadata in the document, and tag other data such as exhibits and annexures. Rules ensure that any new templates go through an approval process before becoming available for contract creation.

Intelligent Contract Authoring

Achieve faster speed to market and significantly improve governance through intelligent contract authoring. An extensive rules engine enables dynamic creation of contracts from templates and clauses. Contract content is assembled automatically using any criteria associated with the contract, such as region, products, services or price terms. The platform’s rules-based authoring capabilities greatly improve the scalability and agility of contracting operations while also enforcing appropriate process controls.

Commercial Terms Management

Leverage the flexibility of the Icertis platform to model commercial terms, so you can better manage the increasing complexity of business contracts. A configurable data model enables the capture of products and services, price lists, prices and discounts, tiered discount terms, rebates and incentives and other related terms. The flexible rules engine allows the user to easily assemble the most relevant commercial parameters in contract documents while also ensuring stakeholder visibility and approval policies. This helps drive compliance, streamline sales and procurement operations from a contracting standpoint and increase revenue realization on all commercial contracts.

Third-Party Paper Contracting

Reduce the risk of managing third-party paper contracts at every stage—from intake, review and negotiations to approvals, execution and post-execution administration. The Icertis platform lets you easily bring third-party paper into the system, to set up contracts and identify key terms and any resulting obligations. Drive approval workflows based on any identified exceptions, and drag and drop standard language into the third-party paper from the clause library to include key missing terms.