How does your organization view its contracts?

Beating heart of commerce

You think like 64% of the survey respondents from mature organizations who recognize the critical role of CLM to their business.

Risk mitigation

Less than a quarter (24%) of the surveyed respondents from mature companies view their contracts as tools for risk mitigation; more respondents view them as the beating heart of their business.

Necessary evil

Very few mature organizations (13%) shared this limited view of contracts solely as documentation necessary for doing business. Do you want to learn more about how mature organizations see contracts as dynamic, strategic assets and risk mitigation tools?

Which member of the C-Suite is most important in developing a contract management strategy?

professional woman talking to a group of businesspeople

TRUE OR FALSE: Creating a centralized repository is the top way companies leverage their CLM.

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Contract management has shifted from nice to have to mission critical for organizations around the globe. Icertis commissioned Forrester Research to conduct a global study to evaluate how companies are using contract lifecycle management (CLM) software in their business decision-making. Over 300 senior business leaders were surveyed during this research. Among its many findings, the study confirmed that C-suite executives are increasingly relying on contract intelligence to better prepare and more confidently make data-driven business decisions. Download a copy of the full report to read more about Forrester’s analysis and recommendations.