The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform extends the SAP ecosystem by plugging into SAP Ariba and  SAP CPQ, automating all aspects of contract management. The integrations provide businesses easy access to critical information, enabling better decisions right within the enterprise application environment of their choice without losing productivity by switching applications. Simply put, Icertis enables intelligent buy-side, sell-side and organization-wide contracting with SAP.

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Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) for SAP Ariba

The Icertis Contract Intelligence for SAP Ariba provides Ariba users an intelligent and flexible contracting platform that is fully integrated into SAP Ariba Spend Management, thereby unlocking the value of the Ariba supplier network through a seamless source-to-contract workflow featuring best-in-class contract management functionality

  • Easily create Icertis agreements following a sourcing event and synchronize all contract details for ease of creating requisitions, purchase orders and invoices.
  • Synchronize supplier data from SAP Ariba to enable easy contract creation and management from within ICI.
  • Report on SAP Ariba procurement spend data directly in ICI using contract metadata stored in the Icertis platform or push that data into Ariba for monitoring via bi-directional data transfer.
  • Identify and assess contract risk by automatically tracking commitments, expiries, deviations and other contract obligations in ICI or Ariba.

Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) for SAP CPQ

The Icertis Contract Intelligence for SAP CPQ empowers users to drive faster sales contract cycle times by connecting the ICI platform with customer, pricing, and quote information found in SAP Customer Experience solutions.

  • Integrate with SAP CPQ solutions to seamlessly associate the right product SKUs to contracts.
  • Create self-service contracts with standardized templates and an easy-to-use clause library.
  • Seamlessly leverage contract data to quickly plan, execute, and settle rebates, royalties, and promotions with your partners and prospects.
  • Track activities and tasks to accelerate contract completion.
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