Accelerate Digital Sales by Integrating SAP CPQ Solutions with the ICI Platform

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The Challenge

To keep pace with today’s marketplace, sales organizations need to be able to respond quickly to new challenges and opportunities. Yet if their customer experience and contract management systems are not integrated, significant challenges arise:

  • Lack of standardized and automated sales contracting processes creates costly errors and introduces unnecessary risk.
  • Inefficient contracting and approval processes delay revenue recognition for sales and increase administrative costs.
  • Lack of visibility into contracts and their embedded terms and clauses makes it nearly impossible to accurately process cross-sells, upsells, and renewals.

The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform is the only Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution that offers the advanced contracting capabilities necessary to keep deals moving forward, including configurable proposal creation rules and templates, guided self-service sales contract wizards, adaptable approval workflows, and AI-powered sales contract insights.

How it Works

The Icertis Contract Intelligence for SAP CPQ solution empowers users to drive faster sales contract cycle times by connecting the ICI platform with the customer, pricing, and quote information found in SAP CPQ solutions.

  • Organization-wide contracting – The ICI platform is a complete CLM solution, easily handling all contracts today, across departments, borders, and languages, and growing with the company. The platform is designed to manage any type of contract—buy-side, sell-side, corporate, NDA, MSA, SOW, employment, MoUs, or whatever is required— and work for any industry, from manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, finance to retail. Created for deployment across a global enterprise, the ICI platform supports different languages, with localized variations in workflow, rules, clauses, and templates based on regional needs.

Integrate with SAP CPQ solutions to seamlessly associate the right product SKUs to contracts

  • Self-service contracting features – Icertis’ dynamic contract authoring and assembly using standard clauses and templates enables self-service contracting for sales teams. Configurable proposal creation rules and templates, self-service contract wizards, and adaptable approval workflows help keep deals moving forward, minimizing frustrating delays and cutting through red tape. As the only CLM provider natively integrated with Microsoft Word, Icertis makes it easy for sellers to create and edit contracts using the applications you are familiar with and use every day.
  • Rebates, royalties, and promotions management – Icertis enables you to seamlessly leverage contract data to quickly plan, execute, and settle rebates, royalties, and promotions with your partners and prospects. Now you can more easily track the performance of promotional budgets against your incentive programs running across different markets or product categories.

Create self-service contracts with standardized templates and an easy-to-use clause library

  • Advanced AI-powered negotiation capabilities – Icertis delivers AI-powered, real-time insights into contracts—including contract data visualization— to empower sales to maximize upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities. Negotiating contracts after the sale is easier too, for both your team and your customers. Icertis’ AI capabilities intelligently digitize and read the third-party papers and automatically compare the terms and clauses to your own approved language. The robust clause library includes fall-back clauses to help speed negotiations, and the permissions-based collaboration portal helps keep everyone, on your team and your customer’s team, in sync.

Track activities and tasks to accelerate contract completion

Key Benefits

Through a seamless, unified experience across SAP CPQ and ICI, sales leaders can reduce sales cycle times by up to 92% and deliver a frictionless buying experience to customers. Companies that leverage this integrated solution can:

  • Reduce the lead-to-cash cycle time
    Seamlessly integrate customer and pricing data from SAP CPQ into ICI to quickly and accurately create contracts that reference agreed-on pricing terms, promotions, incentives, and rebates when building sales contracts.
  • Accelerate drafting of sales contracts as well as renewals with cross-sells and upsells
    Use self-service contracting wizards, clause libraries, and templates to quickly author and process new sales contracts as well as renewals with cross-sells and upsells without losing visibility into contract terms, obligations, and other actionable business intelligence.
  • Collaborate on contracts seamlessly with internal and external parties
    Reduce rework and improve customer satisfaction with accurate redlining, versioning, and approval workflows, reducing risk exposure for your company. Enable secure communication with suppliers, customers, and partners.
  • Gain deeper insights into the combined sales and contract management workflow
    Manage agreements across multiple departments to gain deeper insights and align supplier and customer terms with AI-supported search, digitization, and negotiation.

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