Microsoft Standardizes on the Icertis Contract Management Platform to Manage its Enterprise Volume Licensing and OEM Business Worldwide

The powerful combination of Microsoft Azure’s autoscaling enterprise cloud, coupled with the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform’s ability to handle the complexity and pace of a US $60 billion cloud business, ensures smooth handling of surges in demand when salespeople rush to get sales agreements signed.

Business Challenge

Objective: Handle peak contracting periods for the company’s rapidly growing worldwide cloud business across multiple geographies and languages.

Due to the rapid growth of Microsoft’s cloud business, the company’s enterprise volume licensing and OEM contracting processes needed to be quickly enhanced to deliver more velocity and scale supporting contracting needs across the world and in multiple languages. In addition, the sales team demanded continued world-class contracting velocity, especially during the critical quarter-end and year-end periods.


“Empowering our sales team with self-service contract templates has reduced contract cycle time from 90 days to only 15 days.”
Tony Ulkekul, Head of Enterprise & Corporate IT, Microsoft

The Icertis Contract Management platform’s clause and template management sub-system easily handled the 100s of templates and 1000s of clauses across multiple geographies and languages.

Rules for dynamic clause assembly helped quickly and automatically create contracts based on any metadata, empowering the sales team to self-serve themselves, dramatically reducing contract cycle time from 90 days to 15 days.

Microsoft Azure’s auto-scaling and ICI’s ability to handle high concurrency loads ensured smooth handling of the surge in demand at the end of the quarter and year, when salespeople are pushing hard to close deals and need a contract management system that works with and for them.


  • Auto-scaling to handle peak demand at 175 agreements/minute.
  • Reduced contract cycle time from 90 days to 15 days.
  • Supports clauses, templates and agreements globally for all regions and languages where Microsoft licenses its products.
  • Supports familiar standard Microsoft CRM User Interface.

“With the Icertis Contract Management platform, we are providing our sales team with a robust, hyper scale contract management solution to handle the high quarter-end and year-end volumes,” says Tony Ulkekul. “Even with the multiple regions and languages involved, the Icertis platform is meeting and exceeding our SLA expectations by generating complex, multi-page volume licensing agreements at peak times.”

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