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Lufthansa AirPlus Selects Icertis to Transform Contracting Foundation

Business Challenge

To maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly changing financial services industry, AirPlus needed to digitally transform its global sales operation to reduce operational costs and time to revenue and ensure global compliance.


AirPlus chose the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform because of its strong track record of rapid implementation, ease-of-use and compliance features. ICI ensures regulatory compliance globally.


  • Reduced time-to-revenue for field sales team
  • Compliance improved by multilingual support and region-based workflow variations
  • Easy integration with existing systems, including Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Rapid implementation across entire enterprise

“The Icertis Contract Intelligence platform will accelerate a process that used to take weeks thereby improving revenue recognition, gaining efficiency and delighting our customers. The ICI platform equips our team with an intelligent, enterprise-wide solution that allows us to optimize our commercial relationships and speed time to revenue.” Spencer Hanlon, COO, AirPlus