Get proactive visibility into events, actions and exceptions. Enable the right visibility at the right time with rules-based, selective notifications. Ensure smart access to contract data with powerful search features.

Enterprise-wide Contract Repository for All Contracts

Create a single source of truth in your enterprise by consolidating all your contracts into a single, enterprise-wide repository. The Icertis platform enables the setup of all contract types and any associated metadata within a single system, with easy access in a centralized repository of all contracts, documents, data and related business transactions. Robust security and access management enables control of data visibility in multiple dimensions, including for an individual document.

Automatic Notifications and Alerts

Provide strong proactive visibility to users with notifications. Notifications can be set for events that occur throughout the lifecycle, and a configurable notification template lets users specify the format and content for relevant alert information delivered via email. Proactive alerts are sent for contract dates such as expiry, milestone deliverables and key obligation events. Support for user-defined rules enables selective exception-based notifications.

Powerful Contract Search

Equip stakeholders with quick, easy and smart access to contract data. Users can search across relationships, configure results, export on the fly and built-in OCR capabilities let users search the full text of documents including metadata. Smart Links provide 360-degree visibility on related transactions, and they can be personalized for one-click access to other related data such as contracts involving the same party, commodity or products.

ICI Dashboard Screenshot