Our powerful analytics surface intuitive and actionable insights that provide better visibility into performance metrics into all stages of the contract lifecycle, including negotiation, approval, performance and expiry/renewal, allowing you to find new sources of value in your contract processes.

Contract Performance Management

The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform is the hub for all data related to contracts—providing enterprise-wide insights that help your business maximize value and minimize risk. The Icertis platform brings together full lifecycle information from contract processes and integration with enterprise systems. This single source of truth is then layered with pre-built analytics to surface performance metrics, which help track governance and compliance, measure actual spend against budgets, calculate savings and benefits from contracted transactions and track progressive improvements in renewals.

With this information at hand, you can reduce risk by avoiding missed obligations, plug leakage by ensuring all negotiated terms are fulfilled, and improve overall contract performance by identifying areas for future commercial improvement.

Advanced Analytics

Gain valuable performance insights on all areas of contracts from legal, finance, sales and procurement. Our contract management software includes a full-featured analytics module that enables insights on data such as cycle times, deviations, savings, risks, expiry, renewal statistics, and procurement and sales metrics on contract revenue and spend. The platform comes with many best-practice metrics for different contract types across sell-side and buy-side.

ICI users have leverage the platform’s analytics tools to identify and address:

  • Bottlenecks in contract approvals
  • Underperforming suppliers
  • Inconsistent commercial terms from a single business partner
  • Rebate structures that are not advantageous for the company
Reports Dashboard Screenshot

Contract Analytics Reporting

Get robust operational reports on contracts and all related information such as historical negotiation documents and purchase orders or SOWs executed against a contract. Users can receive default reports or easily create and configure new reports based on needs, during or after implementation. Powerful search features—which can search against both contract language and metadata such as region and total contract value–enable on-the-fly reporting.

Executive visibility is enhanced through high-level reports showing an enterprise-wide contract profile. Personalized searches can be saved and quickly exported to Microsoft Excel. Users can search contracts, master data and any other relevant document type and select which results to display before exporting.