Increase speed to market and proposal quality. Create proposals quickly and effectively using templates and individual terms and conditions based on the nature of products and services in a proposal.

Proposal Formulation

Improve deal quality and profitability by building the right proposal with the right products, prices and terms and conditions. Configuration of various proposal types can be managed through the Icertis platform, and rules help determine the right template and terms and conditions based on the products and services selected. Users can also configure products, prices and discounts as part of the commercial component of a proposal.

Deal Approvals

Realize revenue and margins by ensuring proper governance on deal approvals. The Icertis platform tracks deals through negotiation and enforces commercial and legal reviews to ensure sustainable, profitable deals. Users can configure rules for approval based on proposal type, products and services, prices and discounts, bundles or any proposal metadata. The platform captures edits to deal attributes, actively syncs documents and routes dynamically for required approvals.

Products and Pricelists

Maintain comprehensive product and service lists, price lists and associated commercial information. Product and pricelist information can be created and maintained within the Icertis platform, or it can be easily integrated from external enterprise systems. The Icertis platform supports a hierarchical structure for product configuration, with price lists that can be generic or specific, such as by customer category or geography.

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