Common challenges.

In-house legal departments are expected to be more efficient, proactive and agile while juggling with cost-pressures, limited resources and time constraint to manage multiple matters.

The workload associated with effectively and efficiently managing a large volume of matter management requests is daunting, and includes:

  • Tracking the lifecycle of the matter from request to resolution
  • Managing effective collaboration with external law firms
  • Aggregating scattered information pertaining to a particular matter
  • Effectively monitoring matter outcomes

Icertis Matter Management

The Icertis Matter Management application is fully integrated with the ICI platform. It infers contract insights for matter transactions and helps to make necessary amendments to the contract while institutionalizing enterprise-wide matter management. It empowers organizations to streamline matter workflow via seamless collaboration and insightful analytics.

The Icertis Matter Management application enables the legal operations team to:

Manage your matters efficiently and enable better outcomes by streamlining the matter lifecycle with configurable workflows and custom, rule-base matter creation

Enable your team to spend more time on strategic legal work and reduce the time spent on interdepartmental collaboration with form-based standardized matter intake and rule-based queue management to route matter requests to the correct subject matter expert.

Align legal work effectively by gaining complete visibility into workloads and making judicious outsourcing decisions to external firms

Robust business intelligence capabilities offer actionable analytics, in-depth measurement, and benchmarking across all areas of legal operations


Faster matter intake

Significantly reduces the time and effort by automating matter opening, using templates and creating standardized processes

Improved process efficiency and workforce productivity

Increase First Time Right metric for Matter drafts thus enhancing workforce productivity improving process efficiency

Minimized risk

Significantly reduce risks by complying with all policy and regulatory requirements while preparing legal matters

Reduced external spend

Centralize matter data and increase visibility into matters to optimize matter workloads and external support sourcing, thus reducing the external spend