Take your contract collaboration to the next level and expand the power of the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform with the ICI Collaboration Portal app.

ICI Collaboration App

Challenges with Traditional Collaboration Approaches

In complex, global business environments, the contractual relationships between partners, suppliers, and customers are critical. Traditional email-based collaboration approaches for contracts just don’t measure up in the era of 24×7 real-time communication.

  • Email-based collaboration processes result in longer cycle times and reduced visibility
  • Inefficient collaboration causes friction in business relationships
  • Increasingly complex supply chains require a better way to manage information and data flows
  • Globally distributed parties create communication and language barriers

Benefits of the ICI Collaboration Portal app

The ICI Collaboration Portal app extends controlled access to the ICI platform to users in outside organizations for more effective collaboration throughout the contract lifecycle. It enables secure communication with suppliers, customers, and partners that is more efficient than traditional communication methods such as email.

The easy-to-use app delivers:

  • Automatic onboarding, enabling easy adoption by third-party communities
  • A single, unified view of all active contracts and sourcing events
  • Faster contract and sourcing turn-around time
  • Deeper control over information that’s shared with third parties
  • Full, accurate visibility into external contracting and sourcing events

This results in better collaboration on specialized processes such as promotions and rebates, CRO collaboration in clinical trials, disadvantaged business entity qualification, and compliance tracking.

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“The main benefits we’re seeing with this new solution together with Icertis, is a much more streamlined process. It’s much more efficient. The collaboration is much better with our external suppliers and with our internal customers and our partners. And overall, the compliance in the whole process is much better.”

– Jens Schmezer, Product Owner Sourcing & Awarding at Daimler AG