ICI Business Applications, built on the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform, help customers address specific business requirements and get even more out of their investment in the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform.

ICI Clinical Trial Agreements and Budgeting application

The ICI Clinical Trial Agreements and Budgeting app allows pharmaceutical and life sciences customers to better manage the lifecycle of CTAs, CDAs and ICFs while tracking trial budgets. The app enables deeper collaboration with CROs and Service Providers through an online portal, allowing easy management of all outsourced activity. Budget-tracking capabilities help capture and track budgets on studies and research and integrate with financials and CTMS solutions to drive visibility.

ICI Collaboration Portal application

The ICI Collaboration Portal app extends controlled access to the ICI platform to outside organizations for more effective collaboration throughout the contract lifecycle. It enables secure communication with suppliers, customers and partners that is more efficient than traditional communication methods such as email. Third parties are granted access to their contracts online so they can submit contract redlines, review their contracts, upload compliance documentation, get alerts, and update obligation assignments – all without leaving the easy-to-use portal.

ICI GDPR Compliance application

The ICI GDPR Compliance application helps you identify non-compliant contracts, create data protection addendums (DPAs) that ensure compliance for data processors, and tracks data processor obligations to ensure comprehensive GDPR compliance across the entire contract lifecycle. It also provides Data Protection Officers (DPOs) with a DPO Dashboard that monitors non-compliant contracts and data processors across geographies and contract types.

ICI Obligation Management application

The ICI Obligation Management application enables companies to better manage their commitments and to realize the full value of their entitlements. This helps optimize business performance, and protects organizations from reputational, commercial and financial risks. Built on the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform and infused with artificial intelligence, the new app transforms how organizations identify, create, manage and fulfill obligations that were previously hidden in complex contract language. The app includes automatic obligation discovery, powerful rule-based obligation ownership, workflow tools to ensure seamless obligation fulfillment, and sophisticated analytics – all designed to protect your business and maximize the ROI of your relationships.

ICI Rebates and Promotion application

The ICI Rebates & Promotion application is built on the Icertis Contract Intelligence(ICI) platform, enabling you to take a smart, holistic approach to your rebates and promotion programs. With the app, you can automate the calculation, reconciliation, and reporting of rebates for suppliers and customers with an intuitive experience powered by robust calculation algorithms and contract intelligence. The application helps you streamline complex, non-standard rebate programs to gain better visibility across the process and improve business performance.

ICI Proposal Management

Increase speed to market and proposal quality. Create proposals quickly and effectively using templates and individual terms and conditions based on the nature of products and services in a proposal.

ICI Risk Management application

The ICI Risk Management application helps to mitigate business risks in their supply chain and purchasing contracts through proactive assessment, discovery, and continuous monitoring. The configurable system can conform to any risk model in the world and even develop industry – and company-specific risk models with no custom code required, thereby significantly reducing deployment costs. Effective risk monitoring protects organizations from the impact of operational, financial, and reputational risk, contributing considerably to the company’s bottom line.

ICI Sourcing application

The ICI Sourcing app places contracts at the center of the sourcing process to ensure compliance, minimize risk, and create long term strategic agility. Get full visibility into supplier’s risk profile and ensure compliance throughout the procurement process. Leverage AI/ML based contract terms and clause recommendations to better negotiate RFx events and surface opportunities for savings. Perform side-by-side analysis of bids or proposals, and score them with both qualitative and quantitative criteria. Get a complete view of your relationship with suppliers including current and past contracts, historical performance and complete risk profile for a unified view for sourcing events.

ICI Supplier Onboarding & Diversity Compliance App

The ICI Supplier Onboarding & Diversity Compliance app helps organizations quickly identify suppliers and rapidly onboard them. It also provides capabilities for collaboration with suppliers to ensure compliance with organizational policies and regulations, thereby reducing supplier risk. Built on the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform, the application allows seamless integration and communication between admin and suppliers, reducing hassles and accelerating time-to-value.

ICI Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) App

Built on top of the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform, the ICI Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) application enables businesses to handle both standard supplier management challenges and those unique to their business cases, processes, and policies. The AI-powered application allows user to seamlessly manage end-to-end supplier onboarding, performance management, contract governance, compliances, and disengagement.