AI Studio Dashboard

Analyze multiple sets of documents in a single action and generate contract intelligence for real-time decision-making.

Common challenges.

Organizations increasingly recognize contracts as the single source of truth for the critical information that defines how their companies run – information that can be leveraged to make high-impact business decisions. Companies continue to lose value from their contracts because they lack AI-driven contract analytics capabilities that can surface insights that ultimately drive business outcomes.

This lack of visibility into your contract intelligence results in:

  • Inability to respond to risks and opportunities due to lack of timely and accurate information
  • Poor compliance and lengthy cycle times due to dependency on external teams for insights
  • Reduced responsiveness resulting in lost opportunities to save cost or increase revenue
  • Difficulty in reporting on and monitoring of contracts
  • Incomplete and non-actionable contract analysis

Icertis AI Studio

AI Studio gives self-serve AI power to our customers to analyze multiple set of contracts on the fly that are displayed in a single-pane-view by utilizing powerful machine learning models

AI Studio is:

AI Studio can be leveraged by anyone to analyze the risk, performance and obligations of multiple set of contracts independent of format and structure

Generate actionable intelligence across multiple documents augmented by advanced reporting and visualization

The system progressively builds the analysis over repeated runs, all independent of any data scientist involvement

Work across repositories: SharePoint, Dropbox, ICI save search—including contract associations for an all-inclusive analysis.

Create and define your own machine learning models to customize the attributes, clauses, risks and obligations that matters


360° Comprehensive Contract Analytics

Ability to process multiple documents with connected associations in one go

Eliminate the need for data scientists

Extended product value created by removing dependency on data scientists

Faster risk/benefit responses and time to value

Insights that can be operated directly from ICI platform- including bulk actions

Direct impact on business decisions & outcomes

Deeper analytics with a direct impact on improving revenues and reducing costs

Unrestricted self-learning

Leverage our machine learning algorithms for fully automated learning outcomes