Icertis AI Applications Bring Static Contracts to Life

Contracts are the foundation of commerce, and for the first time in history, they are being digitized. Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to this new pool of digitized data transforms contracts from static documents into live contracts which can interact with humans, surrounding systems and ultimately even other contracts.

The Icertis AI apps enable companies to solve previously intractable enterprise contract management challenges that are uniquely suited to an AI-powered solution.

The Icertis Approach to AI

To unleash the transformative power of AI into contract management, Icertis is leveraging the unmatched quantity, quality and variety of data in the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform today:

  • 10 million contracts and related artifacts
  • 40+ languages, from 90+ countries
  • 25+ industry verticals

This data represents thousands of contract types and templates, and a unique taxonomy curated from hundreds of thousands of clauses – all mapped to customers’ distinctive semantic structures within the ICI platform.

With Artificial Intelligence, Icertis is enabling users to address previously intractable contract challenges. This includes digitizing legacy contracts and importing third-party contracts at scale, analyzing past negotiation history to gain insights for improvement, and deep data visualization capabilities that provide unprecedented visibility into contract relationships and performance.

Benefits of AI-powered Contract Management

The Icertis AI applications offer intelligent clause identification, accurate attribute extraction, and a powerful data validation interface–all mapped to semantic definitions within the ICI platform. This enables companies to:

  • Reduce cycle-time and eliminate errors by automating key aspects of the contract review process.
  • Process third-party contracts faster while reducing risk and improving contract performance.
  • Consistently negotiate the best possible terms and outcomes with a given counterparty.
  • Ensure compliance with all required terms and clauses, even for third-party contracts.
  • Make better decisions by identifying the relationships between common entities hidden in contract data.
artificial intelligence and contract management

ICI DiscoverAI App

Leverage the power of AI to transform your legacy and third-party contracts into live ICI contracts with the Icertis DiscoverAI application. It identifies contract attributes and clauses and semantically matches them directly to your contract type definitions and your enterprise clause library, in the ICI platform. The app seamlessly guides you through importing legacy and third-party contracts, managing clause deviations, and verifying attributes. This allows you to benefit from redlining, versioning, approval rules, and workflows exactly as you would with your own paper.

ICI NegotiateAI App

The Icertis NegotiateAI application gives businesses the AI-powered insights they need to optimize their contractual negotiations. With the help of this app, you can easily analyze high volumes of contracts, understand their component terms and clauses, and find similar precedents from across your company’s entire contract repository. The app works with Microsoft Word to seamlessly surface these insights within the familiar Office user experience.

ICI VisualizeAI App

The Icertis VisualizeAI application enables users to quickly find and load a large volume of contract data, navigate complex relationships and easily discover patterns. This app allows users to group and link contracts based on their status, risk level, or other attributes and then navigate and take action across their entire contract portfolio.

ICI AI Studio

The Icertis AI Studio is a self-serve and self-learning cognitive tool that empowers users to analyze multiple sets of contract documents on the go and to generate actionable analytics for real-time decisions and actions. AI-Studio leverages powerful AI models that can be customized to progressively build the analysis over repeated runs- all independent of any data scientist involvement.

Icertis Ethical AI Policy

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) enable us to discover actionable insights that directly translate into business value for our clients. We pride ourselves of our industry leading AI capabilities and remain keenly aware of the increased responsibility and care that needs to be exercised to ensure that our use of data is ethical and responsible. Driven by the CTO’s Office, our approach is guided by the following core principles :

  • Strive for AI models and systems that are fair
  • Strive for AI models that are transparent and amenable to human inspection and interrogation
  • Develop a model for lifecycle management of data
  • Follow an opt-in model and ensure that the use of opted-in data respects privacy

The CTO’s office at Icertis continually evaluates ongoing and new initiatives against these principles and takes steps to increase adherence to our core principles.

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