The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform is the leading contract management solution in the cloud. ICI’s easy-to-use, intelligent, enterprise contract management software transforms the foundation of commerce by turning contracts into valuable corporate assets.

The Icertis product portfolio consists of four layers:

Our solution starts with the core ICI platform, which covers the full lifecycle of contract management capabilities beginning with intelligent contract setup and then continuing with authoring, approvals, negotiations, and all other aspects of ongoing contract operations. The ICI platform continues to deliver value even after each contract is executed with not just reporting but also advanced tools for governance, risk and compliance that mitigate previously hidden risks and help ensure that companies fulfill their contractual obligations.

Do more with ICI Applications & Experiences

Building on the powerful ICI platform, our full portfolio of contract management software places contracts at the center of critical business processes and enables companies to more quickly realize full value from their contracts.

ICI Business Applications

ICI Business applications place contracting at the center of every critical business process across the entire enterprise. This enables companies to optimize the contractual foundation of every one of their relationships, ensuring that deals close faster, compliance is front and center, and everyone benefits from commonly shared information about contractual performance.

ICI AI Applications

The ICI AI applications enable companies to solve previously intractable contract management challenges that are uniquely suited to AI-powered solutions. Capabilities include quickly importing third-party contracts at scale, analyzing past negotiation history to gain insights for improvement, and visualizing deep data insights that provide unprecedented visibility into contract relationships and performance.

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Icertis Blockchain Framework

With the Icertis Blockchain Framework, companies can seamlessly deploy innovative contract management software solutions based on permissioned, standards-based blockchains. Our customers are leveraging third-generation distributed ledger technology to address real-world business challenges, such as ensuring sustainability across global supply chains, maintaining compliance with complex supplier diversity programs, or even making true outcome-based pricing a reality.