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Accelerate speed to market with self-service contracts that have templating safeguards set by legal. A seamless experience that is integrates with your existing line-of-business applications enables no-touch contracting.

Self-Service Contracting

Achieve faster time to revenue, improve cycle times and significantly reduce legal operating expenses by empowering business users to create contracts in self-service mode. The Icertis platform can help set up clauses, templates and business rules that govern contract creation by users. An easy, intuitive user interface encourages adoption by any front-line user.

No-Touch Auto Initiation

Enable no-touch contract creation within line-of-business systems like CRM, sourcing and procurement. The Icertis contract-creation API can connect into sell-side and buy-side processes to take input and auto-build contracts based on defined business rules. Business users have a better experience because they can work with contracts from within their familiar application environments.

Intuitive Request Wizard

Improve collaboration and ensure a structured flow of information between business and legal with intuitive request forms. These intelligent, easy-to-use forms ensure that the correct data and documents are captured, and then guide requests through a workflow and review process that automatically identifies the right expert or group to work on each contract.

Bulk Contract Creation

Save time and improve productivity by enabling contracting teams to mass upload contracts, with the help of an advanced Microsoft Excel Add-In or API. The utility is ideal for the intake of contracts involving offline transactions, along with their supporting documents. In addition, the API also pushes contracts to different enterprise systems such as ERP and eProcurement for initiating POs or service orders in bulk.

ICM Toolkit

Everything you need for a thorough evaluation of a CLM Solution.


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