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Icertis Experience for Coupa

Delivers end-to-end seamless supplier contract management across the entire enterprise and supplier ecosystem.

Icertis Experience for Coupa

If your Coupa Business Spend Management suite isn’t deployed along with a robust contract management platform, you aren’t taking full advantage of the benefits of either system.

Significant problems arise when business spend management with enterprise contract management are disconnected, resulting in difficulty to enforce standards which results in maverick contracts, noncompliance and significant business risk.

Icertis Experience for Coupa eliminates siloed data and fragmented systems with an end-to-end solution for sourcing, procurement, inventory, supplier management and all associated contracts.

How It Works

Enabling seamless supplier contract management for the Coupa Business Spend Management Platform to reduce risk and save on procurement.

Key Capabilities

  • Easily create Icertis agreements and synchronize all contract details to Coupa for ease of creating requisitions, purchase orders and invoices.
  • Synchronize supplier data from Coupa to enable easy contract creation and management from within ICM.
  • Report on Coupa procurement spend data directly in ICM using the powerful contract metadata stored and organized in the Icertis platform.
  • Manage the data, policies and processes for procuring goods and services, from requisitioning to awarding and from contract authoring to analysis.
  • Identify and assess contract risk by automatically tracking commitments, expiries, deviations and other contract obligations in ICM.

Key Benefits

  • Syncronize all contract details and supplier data between Icertis Contract Management (ICM) and Coupa Business Spend Management suite.
  • Easily map and sync details across all supplier and sell-side agreements.
  • Deliver one source of trust for all spend, and one easy system to learn and administer for all users.
  • Enable end-to-end business spend management with enterprise contact management available to all users and their supplier ecosystem.
  • Combine enterprise-wide contracts across buy-side, sell-side and corporate agreements for improved visibility and efficiency

Icertis Experience
for Coupa

Contract-centric Sourcing: A New Paradigm

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