With Experiences, your teams can create, view, approve and collaborate on contracts within the applications you use every day to accelerate contract flow and move your business forward.

Icertis Experience for Microsoft Dynamics

ICM Experiences for Microsoft Dynamics connects the Quote-to-Cash (QTC) process to Contract Management, delivering these powerful features:

  • Create contracts with a single click.
  • Manage contract authoring, workflow, milestones and approvals — without leaving the Dynamics application.
  • Translate commercial terms into contractual data that’s easy to search and measure.
  • Eliminate errors and duplication

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Icertis Experience for Microsoft Teams

ICM Experiences for Microsoft Teams and provides the ability to manage contracts within Microsoft Teams to improve collaboration across teams and contract stakeholders. Accessing the ICM platform within the worlds’ fastest growing collaboration tool helps teams:

  • Gain visibility into contract actions and exceptions with automatic Teams notifications and alerts.
  • Leverage conversation agents to perform contract management tasks.
  • Use rich cards to inject contractual data into comments and notes.
  • Guide users to perform a variety of contract management tasks, using BOT input menus.

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Icertis Experience for Office 365

Utilizing the world’s most popular productivity tools, optimize contract productivity and user experience with deep Microsoft Office integration. With the ICM Experience for Office 365, users can:

  • Work in Microsoft Word to set up templates and draft and review agreements, with full access to the clause library and all data synched to the system.
  • Leverage the Microsoft Excel Add-In for bulk updates and actions on agreements and associated documents. Integration with Outlook enables automated intake of emails and attachments.
  • Outlook integration ensures smooth and seamless routing of contracts to desktops and mobile devices via email.

Icertis Experience for Salesforce

The ICM Experience utilizes the Icertis Contract Management Lightning Ready Salesforce app available on the Salesforce AppExchange. This app allows Salesforce customers and users to access the Icertis platform’s functionality from within Salesforce to:

  • Create and process self-service contracts from within accounts, opportunities or quote screens.
  • Make use of structured forms to speed contract creation.
  • Enable contract management functionality across a variety of use cases.
  • Stay up-to-date with chatter notifications on contract milestones.
  • Leverage a rules-driven engine to govern contract authoring, workflow and approvals.
  • Get real time visibility into contract milestones without leaving the Salesforce application.

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