A Platform for Achieving Business Goals

The Icertis platform equips enterprises with the intelligence, speed and agility to manage the complexity of contracts in today’s world.

Contract Approval and Execution

Improve cycle times and orchestrate approvals with dynamic workflows that comply with all company policies. Robust, highly configurable rules increase flexibility while driving approvals and execution.

Dynamic Approval Workflow

Leverage all the data associated with a contract using rule-based workflow definitions. The Icertis platform automatically assembles workflows and orchestrates the approval process, with support for sequential and parallel approvals. Workflows are changed dynamically based on negotiation updates to ensure governance. Business users can easily manage the intuitive rules, definitions and updates, and they can also intervene manually to influence a workflow with ad hoc steps.


Contract Execution

Ensure quick and secure contract execution with the Icertis platform’s out-of-box integrations with DocuSign, Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign) and other electronic-signature platforms. These secure integrations help orchestrate the signature process based on user-defined workflows, while seamlessly updating the document and data back to the central repository after execution. Manual-signature workflows are also supported, using QR codes to validate incoming signed documents.

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