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Quickly convert legacy contracts into live contracts at scale with Icertis’ AI-enhanced contract digitization capabilities.

Challenges in Manually Digitizing Legacy Contracts:

Due to the inherently unstructured nature of contracts, it has been difficult for companies to treat them as the strategic assets they really are. The process of manually digitizing legacy contracts can be cost and time prohibitive to enterprises, leaving them with these challenges:

  • Siloed legacy contracts in different formats, geographies and repositories
  • Inability to search and report on legacy contracts
  • Extremely limited view into the inherent risks and obligations within legacy contracts due to the lack of central management
  • Limited capability to manage legacy contract workflows, including renewals, terminations and amendments

Benefits of the ICM DigitizeAI app:

The ICM DigitizeAI application lets you digitize legacy documents in PDF, Microsoft Word, TIFF and other formats and then automatically extract attributes and clauses, at scale, directly into the ICM platform. This allows businesses to:

  • Save time when importing legacy contracts
  • Increase accuracy of attribute & clause extraction
  • Contextually search through legacy contracts, including full text search
  • Increase enterprise agility to import batches over time
  • Reduce enterprise contract risk while centrally reporting on all contract assets

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