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The Icertis platform is easy, intelligent and enterprise-wide, enabling a new tier of business intelligence – contract IQ.

The modern, efficient way to manage enterprise contracts.

The most disruptive force in enterprise IT since ERP is not contract management, but contract intelligence. Beyond simple document management, electronic signatures, clause libraries – the Icertis Contract Management platform enables a new tier of business intelligence offering an enterprise-wide 360-degree view of all enterprise contracts, deep insights and automatic oversight in a user-centric environment that accelerates time to contract, reduces risk and improves the bottom line.



Highly configurable and flexible, the Icertis Contract Management platform is easy to deploy. Designed for the modern enterprise with an intuitive user experience that makes it easy to use. Users can configure the platform to adapt to existing business processes, allow for unique contracts and workflows, or set up specialized user interfaces for individual roles making it easy to adopt.

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The Icertis Contract Management platform intelligently reads and analyzes documents and third-party paper to provide authorized users with detailed risk reports, automatic obligation tracking, and smart notifications. The smart, contextual interface makes it easy to understand an entire portfolio of agreements and dependent relationships at a glance.

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The Icertis platform streamlines and systemizes all types of contracts and associated documentation for your entire organization in a single solution. The Icertis Contract Management platform integrates and exchanges data with all major ERP, Sourcing, Procurement, CRM, CPQ, PLM, Project Management, Service Management, and Document Management solutions, unlocking the potential for true visibility across global enterprises.

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The Icertis platform helps companies like yours transform the way they manage contracts.

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We've built flexible, powerful tools and features that can help every department involved in any contracting across the enterprise.

For Procurement:

Read how Icertis can help Procurement enforce contract terms, maximize savings and provide an advantage in negotiations while reducing paperwork and time to contract.
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For Legal:

See how an enterprise-wide contract management platform can help you better manage risk, increase team effectiveness, and streamline processes across departments, jurisdictions, and languages.
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For Finance & Compliance:

Read more on how the Icertis platform can help Finance uncover additional revenue and cost-saving opportunities while improving compliance.
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For Sales:

Learn more about how the Icertis platform can help get deals done faster by speeding approvals, reducing paperwork and simplifying the contracting process.
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For Corporate:

Discover how an enterprise-wide contract management platform can help you manage NDAs, MoUs, employment agreement M&A agreements, and a whole lot more.
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