The Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform is the leading contract management solution in the cloud. ICM’s easy-to-use, intelligent, enterprise-wide contract management software transforms the foundation of commerce by turning contracts into valuable corporate assets.

Highly configurable and easy to deploy, Icertis’ contract management software can be adapted to suit any business and every user. With ICM your enterprise can:

  • Extract contract data and metadata to analyze contractual commitments at scale and proactively monitor all obligations and entitlements to ensure full compliance and maximize commercial performance
  • Use contracts from across your value chain to model commercial relationships, allowing users to identify, assess and mitigate risk and easily surface contracts that are missing clauses critical to complying with regulations like the GDPR in Europe
  • Utilize robust contract template and clause libraries and highly configurable rules engines to automate contract authoring, approval and execution processes and accelerate contracting and the time to value
  • Take advantage of cloud computing and storage to create a single source of truth for contracts across global enterprises that can be accessed at any time from any device, including mobile

ICM is natively architected on Microsoft Azure, meaning it leverages the security, scalability and power of the world’s largest network of datacenters. With more than 100 highly secure facilities, Azure ensures that your contract data can be stored geographically in accordance with regulatory and internal controls, while also offering the ability to scale beyond anything an on-site server can provide.

Contract Management Tools

The Icertis platform has powerful features that address all types of contracts, throughout the entire contract lifecycle, across the enterprise.

Smart Contract Initiation

Accelerate speed to market with self-service contracts that have templating safeguards set by legal.
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Intelligent Contract Authoring

Improve governance and enable more efficient self-service authoring with automatic templates and clauses.
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Negotiations and Collaboration

Achieve more speed and effectiveness in negotiations with better collaboration processes and contract insights.
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Contract Approval and Execution

Reduce cycle times, improve compliance and increase flexibility with highly configurable rules and dynamic workflows.
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Contract Visibility and Search

Get proactive visibility into events, actions and exceptions, along with selective notifications and powerful search.
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Usability and Productivity

Get a best-in-class experience, with full mobility support, deep MS Office integration and configurable personalization.
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Risk and Compliance

Realize the maximum value of contracts by identifying and managing risk throughout the contract management lifecycle.
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Contract Analytics

Leverage a single source of truth and powerful analytics for insights that improve visibility and business agility.
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Proposal Management

Increase speed to market with templates and terms and conditions based on the specifics of each proposal.
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Enterprise Integration

Ensure fast, effective implementations with native cloud deployment, a standards-based API and an architecture tuned for integration.
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Open Architecture

Leverage a modern, scalable and integration-friendly cloud architecture to manage all types of contracts across the enterprise.
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AI Applications Bring Static Contracts to Life

Contracts are the foundation of commerce, and for the first time in history, they are being digitized. Applying AI to this new pool of digitized data transforms contracts from static documents into live contracts which can interact with humans, surrounding systems and ultimately even other contracts.

The Icertis AI apps enable companies to solve previously intractable enterprise contract management challenges that are uniquely suited to an AI-powered solution.

Business Applications to Solve Industry-specific Problems

Our ICM Business Applications help customers address specific business requirements and extend their investment in the Icertis platform. Some of these apps solve problems specific to an industry, such as pharmaceuticals and life sciences, while others address specialized line-of-business requirements like sourcing, GDPR, and compliance.

Create, View, Approve and Collaborate on Contracts with Icertis Experiences

Icertis Experiences express the power of the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform within familiar business applications. Icertis Experiences enables users to interact with the ICM platform in the applications where they spend the majority of their time. This gives them better access to critical information enabling better business decisions, without switching applications.

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Icertis Experiences allow users to:

  • Collaborate on contracts within popular enterprise applications including customer relationship management software, supply chain management software, collaboration and productivity apps
  • Manage contracts using any device
  • Interact through any medium (text, chat, voice, email, etc.)