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Using the Icertis Logo

Icertis logo over multiple backgrounds

Logo variations

There are two primary ways to use the logo: set in color on a white or light-colored background, or set in white on a dark-colored background.

The logo may also be set in white on a brand approved image with adequate contrast settings.

Icertis logo

Scale & clearspace

To preserve the integrity of the logo, a minimum clear space around the logo should always be maintained. This clear space insulates the logo from distracting graphic elements such as other logos, copy, illustrations or photography.

Do not infringe on the logo’s clear space, which is determined by 1 height unit from each outer edge of the letterforms of the logo.

Icertis logo

Logo usage

The logo should never be compressed, stretched, altered or otherwise manipulated. If the size of the logo needs to be modified in any way, be sure to scale the height and width of the artwork proportionately.

Do you have questions about how to properly use our logo or other brand features? Contact us