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Using the Icertis Logo

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Our Primary logo—the Icertis vertical logo.
The vertical logo is the primary way to represent the brand and therefore the preferred mark to use throughout communications. The verticality speaks to the idea of growth, moving up and helps us stand out from the crowd. There are four main ways the primary identity can be used:

Full color primary on white.
This is the main identity and should be used whenever a white or very light background is available. Think of this for documents, email sign-offs and just about anything else.

Primary on active purple gradient.
The color palette is dynamic because Icertis is dynamic. Icertis wants to make sure that dynamism comes through at every touchpoint. Including those where the  active logo rectangle lives on the active purple gradient. In these instances, white replaces the active gradient in the brand mark. All brand colors are still represented.

Primary on foundational teal.
In a similar spirit to the primary on active gradient, but this allows the wordmark to remain in gray and white replaces the stationary teal in the brand mark. All brand colors are still represented.

Primary on black.
This mark is reserved only for unique moments like dark mode within our product. A special mix of the active gradient color is used so that the brand mark stands out on black.

Logo usage

The logo should never be compressed, stretched, altered or otherwise manipulated. If the size of the logo needs to be modified in any way, be sure to scale the height and width of the artwork proportionately.

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In order to fully appreciate the Icertis  logo, it needs some clear space surrounding it so it doesn’t compete with other visuals within the design.

Primary—vertical logo.
For the vertical lockup, use the height two of lower case “r” stacked at the respective logo size that is planned to be used.

Secondary—horizontal logo.
The horizontal lockup uses the height of one lower case “r” at the respective logo size that is planned to be used.

Minimum size.
It’s important that when using the logo, to never allow it to get too small. Additionally, know that some communications and content forms will not always leave the room preferred for the logo. In these instances, there are minimum size standards that should be followed.

Primary—vertical logo.
The minimum width of the logo is .325 inches. Below this size, please switch to the secondary—horizontal logo.

Secondary—horizontal logo.
The minimum height required is .25inches. Below this, the brand mark will start to disappear. If it is necessary to go below this, shift to the wordmark.

Do you have questions about how to properly use the Icertis logo or other brand features?