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Icertis Continues Fight Against Covid-19, Hosts Vaccination Drives

At Icertis, we promote what we call the “Four Rings of Responsibility” where we empower every Icertian to take care of self, family, community, and business, in that order. Since its founding, Icertis has been more than just an organization – for us, it is family. Last April, in partnership with Sahyadri Hospitals we hosted our very own vaccination drive in Pune, which was open to all Icertians and their loved ones to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

To continue our ongoing fight against COVID-19 and support Icertians and their loved ones, Icertis partnered again with Sahyadri Hospitals in Pune to host another vaccination drive at Icertis’ Pune office and Sahyadri Hospital, in January and February. Our goal was to vaccinate the newly eligible 15-18-year-olds, those eligible for boosters, and those Icertians who were not able to get a second dose last year.

Icertis assisted with vaccinating 42 children and 35 parents and spouses of Icertians, as well as three Icertians.

The Icertis team supporting the drive ensured that the overall wait time was as short as possible. There was enough space and clearly demarcated areas to enforce proper social distancing measures. To reduce the discomfort of senior citizens waiting their turn, we provided the option to administer vaccinations in their vehicles. These vaccine drives were designed to provide a seamless experience for everyone while ensuring safety and comfort throughout the process.

To date, Icertis has completed seven vaccination drives since the pandemic started, and has facilitated more than 2,000 total vaccination doses for Icertians and their families.

Perhaps the most gratifying aspect for the teams facilitating the vaccinations has been the numerous appreciation notes from Icertians. For instance, Pravin Shinde from the Research & Development team in the CTO office said: “Thank you, Sulekha and Sapna, for considering my request to make the special arrangement for my mom! Umesh and Anuja helped to get the jab in the car itself. She was very happy with the experience and asked me to convey a special thanks to everyone! Once again, a big ‘thank you’ to all of you for making it possible!”

We continue to be amazed by the tireless efforts of the Icertis team and Sahyadri Hospitals to deliver this life-saving initiative. These vaccination drives are just one part of our larger effort and commitment as a global company to ensure the health and well-being of Icertians, their families, and communities in challenging times. Other efforts included providing meals to Seattle schools and donating PPE kits, an advanced cardiac ambulance, ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and other essentials to the healthcare-focused organizations in Pune. Icertis has also assisted the Red Cross in Germany and supported scientific research at the University of Washington. To help low-income communities, Icertis aided Vaccinations on Wheels, a physician-based mobile vaccination clinic service, which has immunized over 1 million people.

We are thankful to those who contributed to this critical effort that is literally helping keep Icertians and their family members safe.