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First Ever Icertis Certification Day was a Huge Success!

Sanjay Goel

Due to our industry-leading product, the ICI platform, and the outstanding commitment of Icertians, we have made enormous progress in a short period. Analysts, media, customers, and partners look at Icertis in the contract lifecycle management (CLM) space the way they look at brands like SAP, Salesforce, and Microsoft in their respective categories. They expect us to not only innovate but to lead in helping our customers get the most value from their CLM solution and investment.

One of the main ways leading companies to help their customers get the most from their solutions is through certifications. Certifications continue to be the primary tool used to validate knowledge and close skills gaps. In the contract management space, as organizations rapidly transition their contracts to the cloud, professionals with the necessary knowledge of the ICI platform are in high demand. Certificates are essential assets for career-oriented professionals to build credibility in a crowded market. Therefore, earlier this year, Samir Bodas, our CEO and Co-founder, challenged us to take ICI-certified professionals at Icertis and our partner organizations from less than 2,000 to 5,000 before the year’s end.


To achieve the given milestone, we analyzed the roadblocks in the path to completing certifications. We found that people frequently took the training but didn’t take the certification exam. To encourage everyone to get certified, we looked at a variety of ways to make it fun and easy. It was our COO, Neal Singh, who suggested a company-wide global certification day, where all Icertians and contractors, came together, took one of our many certification courses, and shared the results. We liked the idea very much and suggested the ICI Academy team evaluate and plan the initiative’s execution.

The planning process was complex because of our global team and multiple moving parts. For instance, numerous releases are planned in various projects, so we had to figure out the suitable day when we could get the maximum participation. Also, we expected the load on the learning management system would increase 30x, so its functioning needed to be tested for different scenarios.

Demonstrating the FORTE values of Openness, Teamwork, and Execution, the ICI Academy team worked tirelessly for a month to plan the event and did numerous dry runs. To keep every stakeholder on the same page, they developed a dashboard to show the hourly progress of their preparation. Great job, team! We are also thankful to our internal communications partners for their tremendous help in marketing the certification day.

We are delighted to share that our certification day organized on September 8th, was a huge success. On a regular day, around 40 tests are attempted. However, on the certification day, 1,391 exams were attempted. Over 46% of Icertians participated in the event! Now, we have 3,671 total certified people (including 1,000+ partner-certified resources) with 9,195 certifications. You can see many of the Icertians who took the exams and proudly shared their results on social media, including on LinkedIn here.

This is just a start. Looking at the success of our first certification day, we will almost certainly organize more such events. We are beginning our journey with many new partners like Accenture, Deloitte, PwC, and others. We also look forward to organizing certification days in collaboration with them. To help Icertians in their growth, ICI Academy is designing many new self-study programs. We are thankful to all Icertians for participating in our learning programs, enhancing their knowledge, and building their credibility.

To learn more about Icertis’ certification process, please visit the ICI Academy website here:

With respect and gratitude,
Sanjay Goel
Senior Vice President, ICI Academy