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ITBriefMarch 19, 2024

 How to disrupt the AI copycat landscape in 2024

Chief Strategy Officer, Deanna Lanier, offers her perspective on how enterprises can thrive in the age of gen AI and differentiate themselves from the competition.
Economic TimesMarch 5, 2024

Icertis IPO plan on track, growth to accelerate in 2024

Across-the-board verticalisation in sectors including technology, pharma, life sciences, automotive, and industrials has helped Icertis achieve a milestone in annual recurring revenues.
Enterprise TimesMarch 4, 2024

Icertis wins another multinational firm for its CLM

This article features Jungheinrich’s selection of Icertis Contract Intelligence and NegotiateAI to optimize its contract management.
Supply Chain QuarterlyMarch 1, 2024

Navigating the Storm: How Climate Change is Challenging Global Supply Chains and the Role Contracts Play in Mitigating Risk

Chief Evangelist, Bernadette Bulacan, discusses how harnessing AI in contracts can help companies effectively build more resilient supply chains and mitigate risk during weather-related disruptions.
The Logistics PointMarch 1, 2024

Breaking Bias, Building Sustainability: How AI Helps ESG

Chief Evangelist, Bernadette Bulacan, discusses the role of AI in augmenting ESG efforts, how bias can be removed, and the cost considerations associated with implementing AI solutions for ESG.
Metaverse PostFebruary 29, 2024

How Icertis Leveraged Generative AI Copilots for a $250M Revenue Boost

CTO and Co-founder, Monish Darda, discusses Icertis Copilots and the company’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) milestone.
FedscoopFebruary 28, 2024

How emerging technologies are changing government contracting

This article discusses the top trends influencing government contracting and how solutions like contract intelligence are revolutionizing the landscape.