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KPMG and Icertis Collaborate to Unlock the Value of Contract Data

New Alliance to Help Drive Strategic Outcomes with Contract Intelligence 

Jivika Healthcare’s Vaccination Drive in Partnership with Icertis Inoculated 150 Children in Maharashtra

AdoptaZindagi, an initiative of Jivika Healthcare, a social enterprise pioneering mobile medical services, in collaboration with contract intelligence leader Icertis, as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, successfully vaccinated 150 underprivileged children against Influenza through its free vaccination drive.

Digital transformation: 4 ways to boost efficiency

Every organization must stay competitive, yet digital transformation efforts invariably come with costs and new resource needs that can be tough to cover when every dollar counts. CTO and Co-founder, Monish Darda, shares four ways to make digital transformation projects both effective and more efficient.

Metaverse will revolutionise SaaS and India can lead

The possibility for disruption in contract lifecycle management is immense and ripe with opportunity. Powerful SaaS applications coupled with the immersive experience of the metaverse are poised to change how people interact with technology.

Investor and partner, SAP celebrates success with Icertis

The investment by SAP last year was one of the key drivers of the success of this partnership. While other CLM vendors target the SAP market, Icertis is positioned to win much of the SAP/CLM business.

SAP and Icertis Deliver Enterprise-Wide Value with Contract Intelligence

SAP and Icertis, the contract intelligence company that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with contract lifecycle management (CLM), demonstrated a record year of momentum for their partnership by adding nearly 50 joint customers in 2022. 

Business Leaders Fearing Economic Slowdown Should Reexamine Relationships

Contracts—and the unique information contained in them—have long been neglected from a data point of view, making them a reoccurring source of value leakage for many companies. Chief Evangelist, Bernadette Bulacan shares five benefits business leaders can expect when pairing contracts with advanced technology to generate real-time insights into commercial relationships.

Icertis Honors 2022 Partner of the Year Award Winners

High-Performing Organizations Recognized for Delivering Customer Value with Contract Intelligence 

The Economic Forecast Is Cloudy: Three Steps To Clear Things Up

Strategically leveraging technology to extract the data and knowledge in contracts is one of the key pillars for a successful plan. CTO and Co-founder, Monish Darda discusses the need for a proper roadmap and the right tools to ensure a confident journey in 2023.