User First: the New Era of Enterprise Contract Management

There’s no question that the enterprise software of the past caused significant angst for end users. Clunky, hard to implement and difficult to use, these “solutions” were often enterprise-wide headaches.

Today, thanks to parallel advances in consumer technology and Cloud computing, enterprise software products can offer the same user-centric, smart, seamless and responsive experience that is status quo on the consumer side. For the newest generation of workers, a sophisticated, streamlined and uniform user experience is expected across all platforms and devices.

It’s common sense: if ordering books, summoning cars and locating real-time information can be a painless experience, can’t we do the same for enterprise software?

The Cloud Delivers a Better Way to Get Things Done

The answer is yes, and the Cloud makes it all possible. The Cloud has revolutionized every business process by changing the way enterprise applications are built, deployed and consumed—and this transformation includes contract management.

Our scalable and flexible contract management platform, Icertis Contract Management (ICM), is a Cloud-based, 360-degree solution that is easy to deploy, easy to adopt and easy to use. ICM can be configured by the business to work within an enterprise’s existing workflow, across geographies and markets, with an intuitive feel that provides a best-in-class user experience.

“Icertis’ Cloud-delivered CLM application is extraordinarily easy to use and modern-looking for a competitive yet highly configurable, flexible solution.”


A good user experience delivers more than a friendly interface. When users feel confident with a technology product, adoption rates increase—and widespread system adoption increases ROI and reduces exposure to the very real risks associated with ad hoc contract management. It’s a fact: the easier a system is to use, the more likely you will achieve the results that you are looking for.

Real-Time Visibility. Informed Decision-making.

Real-time visibility is good business. On-demand, enterprise-wide access to contract data enables better collaboration with suppliers, customers and partners. The holistic view that ICM gives stakeholders provides meaningful insights for all types of contracts. These insights, in turn, can reveal opportunities to improve compliance, reduce risk, increase contract velocity and maximize revenue.

Furthermore, ICM proactively identifies essential contract details and metadata—including potential contract templates, prices and supplier performance—and provides relevant recommendations. Users are truly empowered, from the onset of the contract process, by the deep insights that ICM provides. Using traditional systems, contract data, including clause deviations, dates a particular contract was executed and supplier negotiation history, would have been impossible to aggregate or analyze in a timely or cost-effective way.

“Contract lifecycle management vendor Icertis offers a standout solution with a flawless user experience.”

Informed decision-making is a reality with the ICM platform. Procurement, legal and sales departments are able to manage the entire lifecycle of their contracting processes, from authoring to negotiations, approval, execution, optimization and sun-setting. ICM can manage sell-side, buy-side and corporate enterprise contracts from anywhere in the world, at any time, on any device.

Icertis is a Leader with the Highest Score in Current CLM Product Offering, According to 2019 Forrester Wave

The Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform received the highest 5.0 score possible in 17 out of 22 current offering criteria–more than any other vendor evaluated.

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