Icertis Compliance

Ensuring Compliance with an Enterprise-wide Contract Management Platform

Today’s enterprises compete in a global marketplace characterized by uncertainty, complex supply chains, and stringent regulatory requirements. In this kind of business environment, compliance can be difficult to achieve on a consistent basis. “The corporate legal landscape is fraught with an increasingly complex regulatory environment, a never-ending balancing act between...
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CIPS Risk Index Reports First Improvements in Six Quarters

The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply's (CIPS) Risk Index retreated from its record high in the first quarter of 2017 but potentially disruptive supply chain risks remain. The index saw its first improvement in six quarters, declining from 82.6 to 81.9. "The growth outlook is brightening, headwinds are diminishing,...
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Enterprise Contract Management: Different Priorities, Same Needs

Several teams within every large organization handle contracts. But they approach enterprise contract management and creation from different perspectives and with different priorities: Procurement is focused on supplier and supply chain performance, creating efficiencies and maximizing economies of scale where possible. The legal team seeks consistency of contract terms, formats,...
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How to Find (Big) Hidden Contract Risks

What’s it worth for your company to stay off the front page of the Wall Street Journal? We’re not talking about positive press here, but rather the negative press that comes with big supply chain disruptions and compliance lapses. The type of events that not only cost tens or hundreds...
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The Top 5 Contract Management Risks

In a world where your pizza chain can tell you exactly where your pizza is and when it will arrive, why can't large companies keep track of their contracts, including critical obligations and renewals? PwC estimates the average Fortune 2000 company has between 20,000 and 40,000 active contracts. When these...
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Solving Back-to-Back Contracting and Agreement Relationship Challenges

Today we announced that Wipro has chosen the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform to accelerate the contract creation process and better manage risk. A key reason they selected Icertis was our ability to streamline back-to-back contracting. Back-to-back contracting involves linking the terms and obligations in your customer contracts with the...
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New FDIC report finds cybersecurity risks in bank contracts

Contracts with tech service providers fail to adequately address hacking and system recovery risks. The FDIC's Office of Inspector General released a report earlier this year that found major gaps in how financial institutions (FI) are addressing business continuity issues, including cybersecurity, in their contracts with technology service providers (TSPs)....
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Supply Chain Risk Near All-Time High

Is Your Contract Management System Helping You to Get Ready? According to the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply’s Risk Index, supply chain risk is near an all-time high. The index continued its worsening trend in Q4 according to the report’s analysts. Forces of deglobalisation are threatening supply chains in...
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