The coronavirus pandemic has provided a powerful catalyst towards digitization, and this is an ideal moment for those in the public sector to strategize how they can derive maximum value from the broad doption of digital technologies.

In its recent report, Government Trends 2021, Deloitte provides a pathway for governments and government agencies looking to streamline and digitize operations through adopting emerging technologies, including robotic process automation (RPA), blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI), among others.

Key Takeaways from This Whitepaper:

Dollars for Digital

The current administration has proposed adding $9 billion to the Technology Modernization Fund for setting up shared IT and cybersecurity services across government.

Agile Methodologies Tackle Challenges

One overarching focus of digital government initiatives is structuring all government processed data.

Data-sharing adds greater value and saves time, money, and even lives

The speedy exchange of data is a fundamental requirement for the agile, digital workplace-enabled government agencies of tomorrow.

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