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The Icertis Advantage

The Icertis Contract Management Platform solves the hardest contract management problems on the easiest-to-use platform.  It transforms contracts into strategic business assets, giving global enterprises powerful new capabilities to maximize revenue, control costs, and manage risk.


Easy to deploy,
use and adapt.

Be up and running quickly
with a solution so
intuitive that anyone can
use it.

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Maximize revenue,
control cost, manage risk

Optimize the value of your
commercial relationships and
proactively monitor obligations and risks.

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Enterprise Wide

Any contract, anytime,
anywhere in the world

Create a single source of truth for
all contracts across the enterprise,
increasing contract velocity and visibility.

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Our Customers

Icertis’ Contract Management Software is used by leading companies from every industry across every region of the world, meaning we have the experience and expertise to handle any contract type and contracting scenario.

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The recognized leader in Contract Management Software

Icertis’ Contract Management Software has been validated by every leading business analyst firm, with top marks for usability, flexibility, and enterprise-wide capability.

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The Top 8 Contract Management Challenges and How to Overcome Them with Contract Management Software

Read on to find the 8 most common contract management issues Icertis sees when speaking to companies about their challenges and how to overcome them. 
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Crawl, Walk, Run: A Roadmap to Understanding and Leveraging Contract Management Metrics

One of the major benefits of turning contracts from static documents to digital assets is the wealth of data it produces about contracts and the contract process.
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Mercedes-Benz USA Drives End-to-End Contract Visibility with Icertis

Tessa Cierny, Information Governance Lead at Mercedes-Benz USA, describes how her company is using the Icertis Contract Management platform to gain full visibility across its sales and marketing operations.
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Granite Construction Creates Single Source of Truth for Contracts with Icertis

With Icertis, Granite enjoys superior contract visibility and reduced risk with a system that fully captures Granite’s business process. The company is able to manage its indemnity clauses centrally from the risk department, ensuring no deviations in the field.
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