Windows Azure provides Icertis’ customers with the nearly unlimited scalability of the cloud, fast time-to-deployment, and worldwide availability. The Icertis enterprise contract lifecycle management solution on Windows Azure aims to help customers be more agile, efficient, and competitive anywhere in the world.
Bob Kelly Vice President - Product Marketing, Windows Azure Microsoft Corporation

The Icertis product suite includes comprehensive solutions for contract and compliance management, cargo transportation management, fleet management, and public transport management. Our products are transforming the ERP-surround marketplace with their empowering user interface, rapid implementation methodology and quick ROI.

Our products are available on any device and fully leverage the Cloud’s elasticity empowering employees, partners and customers to collaborate and transact anywhere and anytime.

Icertis Contract Management

Contract Management includes comprehensive solutions for contract and compliance management. With flexible deployment models; on-Cloud, on-premise and hybrid – we ensure lower costs, better compliance, and improved security. More

Icertis Transportation Management

Transportation Management comprises a robust set of capabilities that helps organizations address transportation challenges. Strong transportation domain knowledge coupled with our quick deployment model on Windows Azure Cloud platform helps businesses optimize processes, reduce costs, increase collaboration and improve service performance. More

Icertis PublicTransport Management

With its Public Transportation and Fleet Management features, Icertis Public Transport Management helps operators build a robust planning and execution process. The software delivers a rich set of functionalities across the board and can be deployed quickly on the cloud platform for faster adoption and time to value. More

Icertis Fleet Management

Managing a fleet is not only critical to optimizing transportation costs but also important to ensuring reduced fuel consumption and emissions, improved safety, and compliance. Adopting the right set of technology tools enables the fleet operator to improve asset productivity while optimizing costs and contributing positively towards social aspects of environment and safety. More